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Below you will find supplementary material for studies. Classes, books, articles and many important tips, enjoy!

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4D Cryolipolysis

Non-invasive tumescent cryolipolysis using a new 4D handpiece: a comparative study with a porcine model

SY Jeong1,2, TR Kwon1, J. Seok1, KY Park1 and BJ Kim1

Dermatology Dictionary

The Dermatology Dictionary is composed of 3697 terms (approximately 1650 defined, plus their synonyms), recording all designations found for the same concept, whether they are scientific terms, popular names, regional names, acronyms or even terms used preferentially by a or another theoretical current of Dermatology.

Atlas of Aesthetic Dermatology

The work also emphasizes the pitfalls of treatment in order to guide the reader to potential problems with certain therapies. It constitutes a valuable resource for both the seasoned professional.

as for the novice.


Aesthetic care guide for cancer patients
Photobiomodulation therapy: communication with stem cells for regeneration? 

Original article in English.

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