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Reveal your best self

Dermocosmetics CHRISTINA the Israeli corrective cosmetics that addresses a variety of aesthetic problems such as acne, post-acne, dry and oily seborrhea, vascular defects, hyperpigmentation, irritated and sensitive skin, premature aging of the skin, wrinkles.

CHRISTINA has  11 professional lines  and more than  200 home care products  .  Due to the high efficacy of the formulations, they also use some lines in dermatology clinics.  Under the brand includes: effective professional cosmetics for work in beauty salons and clinics, cosmetic products for home skin care suitable for daily use, cosmetic accessories.

Home care products are sold in clinics and beauty centers  CHRISTINA and on the official website of  

"Surely you will like the  cleaning gels,  lotions, tonics and lotions that effectively cleanse the skin without any side effects. More than 30 types of masks will help you achieve absolutely unique results in solving a number of aesthetic problems such as deep cleansing, moisturizing, whitening, nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.

By using some of the whitening series, it not only effectively lightens and removes pigment spots, but it also prevents new blemishes from appearing.

The creams offered by us will provide your customers with an absolutely incredible feeling of health and freshness.  Gels and serums high in vitamins, hyaluronic acid, algae and plant extracts will rejuvenate your skin and transform it into a wonderfully pure, light and glowing form.


The most important point in our cosmetics production is natural and chemical peeling.



Christina Miriam Zechavi  - founder of CHRISTINA





Christina - It Just Works!


Scientific Basis

Christina's formulations are the result of the collaboration of experienced cosmetologists with the world's leading scientists.  The products are produced  in its own factory with a scientific research laboratory and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

High quality raw materials from leading producers are used in production.  Combination of high-tech production technologies and natural components, current methodology based on market demand assumptions, rigorous controls, careful testing ingredients and finished products that ensure high efficiency and safety.


ISO 9001: 2008 certification, ISO 13485: 2003, GMP certification

Product quality is in line with the international standard, placing emphasis on the quality and safety (health) of the product in relation to the customer.  The entire manufacturing process, including the machinery and materials used, is subject to auditing and certification.


Use of ecological and safe raw materials

The research and production of products arise in the company's laboratories and factories with the latest technological equipment using only raw materials that do not harm the environment.  Products are subject to rigorous testing and more rigorous testing.



Achieved based on the high satisfaction of our customers.  international awards went to: FY Moisturizing Day Cream SPF40, Herbal BioPhyto peeling, Trans dermal cream with liposomes, Muse Nourishing Cream, Hydrating Serum LineRepair Theraskin + HA, Rose de Mer peeling, 


Cosmetics are not tested on animals

Products are not tested on animals at any stage of production.


Does not contain parabens

The preparations do not contain parabens or other prohibited substances.  Products are notified in the European Cosmetic Products Register. 


international representation

In the international market, CHRISTINA has been operating successfully for 40 years.  The products use beauty salons, spa and medical facilities around the world.


We continue with the latest trends in the cosmetic industry

The use of modern technological and scientific research equipment, of high quality and innovation, the development of modern green chemistry (BioPhyto series).


No aggressive perfume

CHRISTINA Dermocosmetics do not contain aggressive perfumes that can cause irritation to the skin.  The entire range of products is specially adapted for sensitive skin.


Healthy packaging materials

When manufacturing packaging and manufacturing, the factory uses only environmentally friendly packaging materials.


patented technologies

Based on patented technologies, SILK and Rose De Mer products and some other cosmetic products are produced.