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Curriculum Program

Dermaplaning emerged over 40 years ago in the United States. Widely used by doctors and later by beauticians, which was when the technique became popular!There are reports that Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and other Hollywood actresses already used razors to exfoliate the face, thus keeping the secret of youth and beautiful skin!

  In this training, we present all the modalities of application of the technique.

Program content:

Mechanical Peelings | Skin: From Microbium Stratum to Dermis |  Introduction to Dermaplaning |  Main uses of Dermaplaning |  Contraindications |  About the Instrument |  Blades |  Cables |  Needle holder  Biosafety |  Pre – Trans – Post Procedure |  Dry Skin Technique |  Balm Skin Technique  |  Skin Analysis |  Combined Treatments:  Chemical Peels |  Microinfusion  |  Phototherapy |  Manual Resources  |  Problems solution

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Registration Requirements


Professional Training in Aesthetics

Technical Level Beautician

Modular Training in Aesthetics



18 years old (minimum age)



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Professional Opportunities

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DGERT/SIGO Certificate

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