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 Eyebrow Designer


6 hours.


Trainees who wish to acquire or consolidate knowledge in the technique presented.


The trainee will go through all the modules sequentially. Between asynchronous sessions, activities, intermediate evaluations and final evaluation, at the end of the action.


A Professional Training Certificate will be issued through SIGO, as provided for in Ordinance nº474/2010, of 8 July, in addition to an International Certificate issued by Estética in Foco Europe.


50€ Registration + 340€ Course


Submission of mandatory documents: Citizen Card, Curriculum Vitae, Certificate of Qualifications, Enrollment Form (attached) and Proof of Payment


Course program; Application form; IBAN


  • Learning ethics and professional conduct

  • Reception and customer service

  • Sanitation of materials to be used for biosafety

  • Anatomy and Physiology of skin and hair;

  • Materials used for design;

  • Sanitation of materials;

  • Eyebrow Types;

  • Design technique for shaping eyebrows;

  • Use of caliper for design;

  • Modeling with wax;

  • Modeling with tweezers;

  • Line modeling;

  • Camouflage method;

  • Application of basic notions of visagism;

  • Measuring technique and facial symmetry

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Statement of responsibility

  • Job market.

  • Practices on real models

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