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beautification of the look

A complete training for stretching, permanent  and eyelash extension. Each person has a different anatomy and requires special care and needs when placing or curling the eyelashes. The formation of Estética in Foco will give you complete practice in the technique.

Course Name:  Eyebrow Designer
Local:  Lisbon
Modality:  Presential
Certification:  At the end of the action, the approved trainees will have  right to a qualification certificate  professional.
Recipients:  Professionals in the field of aesthetics and beauty.
No. Hours:  8 am
Schedule:  To be defined

New classes in February 2018.


At the end of the session trainees should be able to:

  • Correct and draw the shape of the eyebrows;

  • Choose the ideal design/shape for each face;

  • Provide more expression to the face.


  • Introduction to eyebrow design;

  • Professional ethics;

  • Technical drawing, Eyebrow symmetry;

  • Eyebrow shapes, and other face elements;

  • Skin preparation, cleaning, hair removal, hair cutting, hydration and application of special water-based paint that does not harm the hair and enhances the design;

  • Brazilian techniques for designer;

  • Practice on live models.