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  • Identify the different types of electrical currents.

    • Identify the different techniques associated with this type of therapy.

      • Recognize the main effects of each type of electrotherapy on the body, distinguishing specific therapeutic benefits.

        • Identify the indications, contraindications and precautions to respect in each type of electrotherapy.

          • Identify the characteristics of heat and cold as therapeutic agents and their benefits.

            • Distinguish the equipment and support materials for the application of therapeutic techniques, respective maintenance and hygiene rules.

              • Use application techniques associated with electrotherapy, in particular thermotherapy and cryotherapy, in accordance with the standards.

                • Handle the equipment associated with each of the electrotherapy, thermotherapy and cryotherapy techniques.


                • Historical Background of Electrotherapy

                  • Notions of Electrotherapy

                    • continuous electric current

                      • alternating electric current

                        • Intensity

                          • potential differential

                            • power

                              • Magnetic field

                                • Frequency

                                • Direct current and low frequency therapy

                                  • galvanic currents

                                    • Faradic currents

                                      • diadynamic currents

                                      • Medium frequency therapy

                                        • interferential current

                                        • High frequency therapy

                                          • short and ultra short wave

                                            • Ionization or iontophoresis

                                              • Ultrasonic

                                              • Thermotherapy

                                                • Heat as a therapeutic agent

                                                  • Physiological effects of heat

                                                    • Dry heat: infrared and ultraviolet

                                                      • moist heat

                                                        • Paraffin and mud

                                                          • Cryotherapy

                                                            • Physiological effects of cold

                                                            • Simulated practice of applying the following therapeutic techniques

                                                              • Galvanic current and ionization

                                                                • Faradic current

                                                                  • diadynamic currents

                                                                    • interferential current

                                                                      • short and ultra short wave

                                                                        • Ultrasonic

                                                                          • Infrared and ultraviolet

                                                                            • moist heat

                                                                              • Paraffin and mud

                                                                                • Cryotherapy

                                                                                • Combined Therapies

                                                                                • electrolipolysis 

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