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Curriculum Program

 The training in Laser Techniques aims at the perfect training of the esthetic professional to act in procedures in lasting epilation. The training is divided into theoretical, demonstrative and practical components.



At the end students should be able to:

  • Mastering contents of skin and hair anatomy and physiology;

  • Identify different types of lasers and their risk in applications;

  • Indicate the appropriate Laser hair removal for the skin's phototypes and condition;

  • Apply work methods and protocols;

  • Properly use cosmetics in pre and post Laser;

  • Mastering the knowledge necessary for proper practice;

  • Mastering the knowledge necessary for the practice of Phototherapy;

  • Anamnesis Form, Consent Form, Patient Form, Guidance Form;

  • Security in the work protocol;

  • Choice of the best machines;

  • Equipment maintenance;

Program content:

  • Definition and history of phototherapy;

  • Difference between Laser, low power,

  • Ablative Lasers, Led and Intense Pulsed Light;

  • Variables and instrumentation;

  • Interaction of phototherapy with tissues – Physiological mechanisms; Therapeutic Effects of Laser for Epilation

  • Physiological process of hair formation

  • Laser Irradiation and Dosimetry Parameters;

  • Brands and Appliances available in Portugal and worldwide;

  • Applicability and protocols based on scientific evidence regarding laser in Epilation


Registration Requirements


9th full year



18 years old (minimum age)



Prompt Payment or Credit Card

Professional Opportunities

Beauty Institutes,  SPAs,  Aesthetics Clinics,  Parapharmacies and  opening the business itself.

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