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An effective whitening and rejuvenation line to correct hyperpigmentation, 
designed to restore skin to a healthy, radiant, youthful appearance

ILLUSTRIOUS products have the ability to correct the melanin synthesis process caused by hormonal changes, post-acne, external environmental factors, UV radiation and aging (age pigmentation / Photoaging).

Illustrious cosmetic line

   CORRECTION   hyperpigmentation and effective skin whitening
   rejuvenation,  skin regeneration and remineralization 
   SOLAR FILTERS  protection against a broad spectrum of radiation
   The radiant skin  of brightness and color for a leveling tone.

The effect of the procedure:

- restores the skin's protective film
- re-mineralizes
- rejuvenates and brightens the
  skin  -  restores vitality and elasticity
- gives shine and freshness to the skin
- brightens, unifies skin color and tone
- prevents photoaging stains and pigments.

What skin problems do they solve:

- pigmentation and post-acne pigmentation
- fine wrinkles and premature aging caused by UV radiation
- gray and tired skin, with weak turgor and elasticity
- dilated vessels with signs of couperose
- pigmentation

the combination of  treatment in  House   (  home care  ) and cabinet visibly rejuvenates, makes the skin radiant, evens out the tone and has a whitening and shine effect.  Prevents premature skin aging, protects against UV radiation.

Thanks to the use of low weight peptides
  Encapsulation technology and active substances encapsulation technology of the ILLUSTRIOUS range provides a visible result of action after just a few weeks of regular application of home preparations in combination with beauty salon treatment.

The Illustrious line for cabinet use is intended for beauty professionals only.