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The Skin Dermopurification course brings together  a vast content carefully prepared to update, improve and transform the professional beautician able to work in facial aesthetics.

  The course provides an analytical and up-to-date review of the theory necessary for practice as well as induces the student to think beyond what is already practiced in the office. More than just showing new protocols, it induces the student to have clinical, critical reasoning and be self-sufficient for the development of their treatments.

  There are two options for classes, morning and night.

  Hours: 30 hours.

  Certification included.

Program content

  • Review in Anatomy and Physiology

  • Cosmetology Applied to Technique

  • Emollient Techniques 

  • Extraction Techniques

  • Applied Electroaesthetics

  • Introduction to Anamnesis

  • Facial Anamnesis

  • Body Anamnesis

  • Aesthetic Diagnoses

  • photographic evaluation

  • Sanitization (Skin Cleaning)

  • Skin Types (Bauman System)

  • Deep Skin Cleansing

  • Dermophotonic Decontamination

  • Body Skin Cleansing

  • Express Skin Cleansing

  • Youth Skin Cleansing

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