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Curriculum Program

The maximum training in microneedling, with the best techniques in the world, this course has 12 years of tradition, more than 4000 graduated students and 4 countries traveled, the professional after the course has theoretical, scientific and practical knowledge to work in all types of microneedling.

Program content:


- Applied Anatomy and Physiology

- What is Microneedling

- Applicability of the technique

- Legislation

- Existing Microneedling and Needling Techniques

- Micropuncture

- Dermopuncture

- Micropunturism

- Derma Pen

- Roller

- Applied Advanced Cosmetology

- Dermocosmetics applied to Microneedling and other techniques

- Facial, body, capillary and dermato-dysfunctions applicability

- Anamnesis, diagnosis and Applied clinical investigation




- Exercises for the elaboration of individualized treatments 

- Training in Artificial Skin

-Training in real skin in the treatments of:

*Wrinkles and Expression Lines 

*Revitalization and closure of pores

*Hypertrophic and Atrophic Scars (eg Acne)

*Reduction of double chin

*Reduction of lines and wrinkles in the neck

* Baldness and Dermatitis

*White and Red Streaks


*Localized Fat and Cellulite 

*Atrophic Scars 

*Hypertrophic Scars 

*Hand and arm treatments

* Cosmetic Microneedling

- Scratchs

- Care and guidance in the Pre and Post procedure

- Nutricosmetic Associations

- Electrophototherapy Associations (theory and practice)

* Radio frequency

* Laser therapy

* Led therapy

* Microcurrents

* Ionization

* High power lasers

* Electroabrasion

- Marketing and Management

- Sales strategies and negotiation approach

Course with 14 hours/class in person + 12 months of support.

Certificate, booklet and coffee break included.

The student has 12 months of access to the Estética in Foco teaching platform to review classes, exercise books, procedure videos, interaction with other students and post-course support.

The class is theoretical and practical

Disposable material required for practical classes, request information at the secretariat.

Registration Requirements


Professional Training in Aesthetics

Technical Level Beautician

Modular Training in Aesthetics



18 years old (minimum age)




Professional Opportunities

Professional Update.