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Aesthetics in Focus complete 16  years in Brazil in 2019 and since its foundation and 2 years in Portugal and  our concern has always been to bring science, updating and attention to the professional beautician.


Our clients are professionals in the field of aesthetics and/or lovers of the field who wish to enter this incredible world of well-being care.


Raising the level of aesthetics, exchanging knowledge between professionals from all over the world and, above all, helping those who come to us have a better life. Always guided by ethics, commitment to human beings and respect for other professions.


They are trained in the most diverse areas of knowledge, whether at the secondary or academic level - but something that we never cease to demand is clinical experience, contact with the client, that alone will guarantee support in what is taught.

Since August 2017, Estética in Foco has been operating as a vocational training school in Portugal, thus being an active school in both Portugal and Brazil. All certificates issued by schools have legal validity and allow the legal practice of the profession or technique studied. 

The school is a training entity certified by DGERT.

  See our Education Policies.

The courses with Prof Gustavo Galves helped me to develop dozens of unique and differentiated treatments, I am very grateful.”

Ylse - Brazil

I loved the courses, exceptional.”


Michele Ramos


I can only thank for the knowledge I acquired and the post-course support I receive, I have never been so well assisted in a course.”

Katia Andrade

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