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The revolutionary power of plasma promoting beauty

cutting edge technology

You  devices used in the Electric Peeling technique have advanced technology and the most careful safety standards, guaranteeing surprising results from the very first session. The devices must follow the rules established by the country where the professional works, being duly registered and authorized for use, therefore, always demand from whoever you are buying the proper certifications.

What are the indications for Electric Peeling (Plasma Jet) 

The plasma jet is a technology  coming  of Europe, characterized  by a plasma generator.

Plasma is a gas ionized with ions and electrons and when heated and in contact with oxygen, it produces plasma.

This emitter of alternating or direct current electrical waves only reaches the stratum corneum of the epidermal tissue, causing no damage to the lower layers, hair follicles and other structures.

Electric Peeling can treat a large number of indications, but one of the most exciting treatments is the non-surgical facelift.  Now you can get an amazing result without the need for a medical procedure.

Among those offering the best non-surgical facelift, Electric Peeling also has a long list of other aesthetic uses:

active acne  |  acne scars|  warts  |  xanthelasmas | keloids  |  stretch marks  |

  fibroids  |  permanent wrinkles and expression lines  |  tattoo removal  |

  white spots (restoring normal color)

Clean Procedure

Treatments with Electric Peeling are convenient and fast.  A topical anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment and the treatment time depends on the area to be treated, but it is usually between 20 minutes and 30 minutes.  When comparing an Electric Peeling treatment with the cost of an open surgical procedure, it is about 50 to 75% less.

  • no surgery is needed

  • little or no downtime

  • less risk than surgery

  • more accessible than surgery

Are there contraindications?

Yes, there are contraindications and there are risks in carrying out the procedure with those who do not have  practice and specific training in the technique.

  There are absolute and relative contraindications, a good professional will know how to make the esthetic diagnosis and advise on its treatment.

Some of the contraindications:

  • pregnant and lactating women;

  • Pacemaker bearers;

  • Cancer present or being treated;

  • Infection;

  • Certain types of diabetes;

  • Tall phototypes; (in some treatments)

  • Allergy to metal;

and others...

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