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The course  in Face Aesthetic Treatments (Facial Aesthetics) integrates learning in the domains of manual techniques, electro-photo-therapeutics and cosmetology to train highly qualified professionals for the job market.

*This training can be done together with Body Aesthetics, totaling 140 hours.


Duration: 70 hours  

Program content:

Module I  

1. History and career opportunities in aesthetics
2. Your professional image
3. Communication for success
4. Career Planning

5. Physical organization of the workspace

6. Equipment, distribution, space occupation

7. Material characterization

   – 1.3 Effects, use and care of material


Client installation protocol

job preparation

– Customer reception and installation

- Datasheet

– Plan of work to be performed

– Preparation of material and work table

Preparation of the professional for the activity to be performed

Hands and face tools

preparatory gymnastics  of the hands

Practical handling of utensils

Module II

1.  Skin Characteristics - Skin Types, Biotypes and New Approaches in Cutaneous Analysis

1. Basic skin care procedures

2. Superficial exfoliation of the epidermis or descaling

3.  Facial massage with suitable product

4. Applying the mask /  remove mask

5. Cold and hot spray

6. Application of the base cosmetic

7. Deep cleaning of the skin surface of the face


– Exfoliation

– Indication and contraindications

– Galvanic descaling

– Balance of the epidermis

– Cosmetic application techniques

– Time of action and control, elimination by friction or brushing

– Laboratory product specifications

– Skin balance

Lectures, demonstrations and questions.

Practical classes in the laboratory.


8. Moisturizing the skin of the face

9. Dehydration factors

10. Recommendations for balancing the skin's water level

11.Basic procedure

12. Treatment of devitalized facial skin ​​

13.Treatment of face and neck wrinkles

– Make-up removal and skin cleansing

– Warm spray

– Micro massage

– Iontophoresis of suitable products

– Effluvium with high frequency

– Placement of active product mask

– Cold spray

– Application of finishing base cream

Skin cleansing with juvenile acne/ senile / Body Skin Cleansing

– Make-up removal and skin cleansing

– Warm spray enriched with suitable cosmetic

– Smooth aspiration/extraction of comedones

– High frequency application

- Mask

– Cold spray

– Application of finishing base cream

An incredible 70 hour class.

All Christina Cosmeceuticals classes included


  • BioPhyto - Deep Skin Cleansing / Cell Detoxification / Cutaneous Revitalization


  • Forever Young - Complete AntiAging Treatments


  • Rose de Mer - Powerful Natural Peeling for all skin types


  • Illustrious - Depigmenting and Illuminating Treatment


  • Comodex - Treatment for acne and acne sequelae


  • Muse - Rejuvenating treatment for the first signs of time


  • Chateau de Beauté - Rejuvenation and antioxidant treatment with the power of grapes


  • Wish - Treatment for mature and menopause skin


  • Unstress - Treatment and control of Couperose, Stressed skins, skins sensitized with peelings and lasers


  • Silk - Deep Nutrition and Non-surgical Face Lift



Registration Requirements


9th full year



18 years old (minimum age)



Monthly Installments or Prompt Payment

Professional Opportunities


Estágio Supervisionado incluso

Oportunidade de ter 40h de Estágio Supervisionado com a equipa da Escola, com atendimentos ao público.

Beauty Institutes,  SPAs,  Aesthetics Clinics,  Parapharmacies and  opening the business itself.

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