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Acne® ICU️

 Developing a treatment to fight acne is not easy and involves systematically knowing the entire mechanism of formation and proliferation of the pathology, as well as the technologies available for treatment. The training presents a new vision and proposes a new methodology for caring for patients with acne.

Program content

  • Physiology 

  • applied anatomy

  • Understanding the mechanism of  acne formation

  • Understanding the emergence of injuries and scars

  • Definition

  • Etiopathogenesis

  • Histopathology

  • Location and Classification

  • Nutricosmetics and Nutraceuticals applied to the technique

  • Cosmetology and Cosmeceuticals applied to technique

  • Apparatology applied to the technique

  • Multidisciplinary work between medicine and beautician

  • Practice between students and guest models.

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